Travel,Gather,Create…. Ireland with Ardith Goodwin

When I close my eyes and consider what it would look like to take a week of respite in a country that is chock full of creative narrative, the shores of Ireland top that list. This coming June, I am deeply thrilled to offer a very special Travel, Gather, Create workshop at the beautiful Essense of Mulranny Studio in Mulranny, Ireland on the west coast.


Travel, Gather, Create workshops are designed a bit differently than a traditional painting workshop. We gather in an inspiring part of the world for a week with the desire to take a breath and reset our creative spirits. Part of that gathering involves learning how to move through a week full of history, culinary, musical, and textile experiences with an emphasis on gathering creative spark and fodder to use as the impetus for a painting which is reflective of the experience. Do you need to be a professional painter, no. If you desire a creatively connected travel experience with an emphasis on story, creativity, narrative, and imagination, this is your trip. 

I teach core strategies of how to tap into presence with full creative lenses through this course and I teach how to paint directly inspired by the experience with a study of color, line, expression, and narrative figures, in an extremely fun, loose, expressive way. 

There will be time for writing, for quiet, for exploring the countryside and high living as we tour the local town, shores, castles, shops, and experience the life of an Irish coastal town with deep history. We will have daily movement activities to wake the body and evening moments to reset and capture golden nuggets from our day. 

About Ardith  ..

Living life as a Creative who chooses to Push Past Ordinary in the most Ardithian way! I am a full time working artist, I travel around the U.S. (and now Ireland ..)teaching painting workshops as well as in my own studio, and I teach beautiful humans how to increase their own creative awareness and creativity!

  • The workshop includes:

  • All Teaching Instruction

  • Lodging from the night of June 10th with departure on June 16th with private rooms

  • All Tour and Excursion Fees

  • Meals Prepared by a Chef with an emphasis on delicious and healthy

  • All meals except 2 lunches and 1 Dinner

  • Separate Kitchen access for Workshop Members

  • Basic Painting Supplies (list will be supplied later)

  • Transportation from from Galway to the Studio (It is recommended to fly in to Shannon or Dublin) AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED

  • Cost is $2995

  • a deposit of $500 payable via Paypal is required to secure your place .
  • Go  here to register


We invite you to imagine standing on the panoramic hillside of our studio, taking in the spectacular views of Clew bay and Croagh Patrick (Ireland’s holy mountain).

Open your heart to the profoundly moving drama of constantly shifting Atlantic skies, reflecting a ever changing light show on the bay. The wildness and drama of this spectacular area belie the peace and connection you will feel to Ireland and to this very special place.

Lay on a blanket in the heather and watch the stars emerge on a clear night or walk along the rocky shores, to gather shells, driftwood and memories. Find yourself letting go of the stress of everyday life, feel the mystery and beauty of this land, awakening your senses.

This unspoiled place provide a safe place of inspiration and experimentation to stretch your skills in whatever medium you are working on.

You are warmly invited to stay awhile.

Where we are:

We are situated at the dramatic edge of the west Coast of Ireland, the end boundary of Europe, where land and sea meet and the threshold of a powerful creative adventure begins. Croagh Patrick, the holy mountain of the ancients and pilgrims of today, rises majestically from the sea on the opposite side of the bay.  Sheep stand still as the tide comes in over the grazing patch below the house and patiently wait to taste the salty grass when the waters recede. The rhythm of life here is dominated by these tides, flowing over the vast white beach and then leaving in haste withdrawal into the vast Atlantic.


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