Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from life.  I am currently studying  Jungian psychology and art therapy and I find reflection on the human condition and the human psyche to be endlessly inspiring.  I am interested in what drives us, as human beings, and our consciousness.  I feel an enormously profound connection to my female ancestors and a deep responsibility to them, to live my life and practice my passion with the awareness that, it is their struggle that has allowed me to live and paint with freedom and equality.  To paraphrase Maya Angelou from one of her wonderful poems, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.” (The Grandmothers), resonates very deeply with me.  To me, this means not just my ancestors but also the family or lineage of artists to which each of us belongs.  It inspires, thrills and humbles me to think about and be connected to the Fayum painters of 2,000 years ago, who painted with the same materials and, no doubt, passion that we do.  I think there is something about the wax medium that speaks to each of us who use it, on a very deep level.  I have so often seen a passion in artists working with encaustic paints that seems to inhabit the deepest parts of them and defies explanation.  It is almost instinctual and it keeps us working with this tantalizing, infuriating, marvelous and incomparable medium.

 I would characterize  my work as representational but drawing on the complexity of feelings emotions and memories evoked by  my celtic heritage .  I have a deep connection to the earth and nature as well as Jungian psychology and Alchemy .I am deeply inspired by the interconnectedness of all beings , the human journey that has brought us thus far and the realms of consciousness and imagination that can be explored .My work draws on Dreams , Unconscious symbolism , Myth and sometimes the struggle between Darkness , Light and Shadow. I paint my responses to the world around and within me , the people who inspire me and the elements of life that ignite my deepest passion . Beeswax becomes not just the medium of expression but a symbol of transition and transformation connecting me to a world of emotions and feminine energies .My work is often layered with symbolism and my studies in Jungian and Archetypal psychology and Alchemy finds constant echoes in my painting .

My current body of work , “Sinner , the Lie of the Land “ has emerged from a visceral response to the tragic events that have been uncovered in Ireland over the past few years . Countless young women and children have suffered at the hands of Society , State , Religious Institutions and their own families .Punished and humiliated , they still receive no recognition for their loss.