Serena Barton oil and cold wax at EOM Studios Mulranney Co Mayo

Join Serena Barton for the Oil and Cold wax workshop of a lifetime at beautiful EOM studios , Mulranney Co Mayo Ireland

March 9th to 16th 2019

Hello Artist  friends! I’m so happy  to invite you to join me for an incredible creative adventure of a lifetime to the wild and stunningly beautiful  west coast of Ireland. To Ireland , the  Emerald Isle, where magic, mystery and myth enchant the very soil! This 7 night/8 day all inclusive creative journey will be hosted by The Essence of Mulranny Studio, run and operated by artists, Lora Murphy & Cheryl Cobern Browne and located in the quaint coastal village of Mulranny! A place full of rugged beauty, fascinating history and endless inspiration! Come create with me in Ireland!

Mark-Making and Movement in Oil and Cold Wax


Join me in beautiful Mulranney Co Mayo , Ireland , for a weeklong  experience  in an amazing place working with an amazing medium! I’ll show you lots of techniques for adding layers, textures, graphic touches and atmosphere to your work. I let you in on the qualities unique to oil and cold wax. I encourage you to mix and match techniques in your own way and to develop your own style. You’ll learn several ways to prepare your wood supports, including using Venetian Plaster and oil ground, and we’ll play with Arches oil paper and Multi-Media Board which need no preparation before you dive in with paint and wax. You’ll learn how to use ordinary household tools to incise and make marks, how to scrape back for a dramatic look, and how to unify your compositions. We’ll also cover adding collage, sand, plaster, marble dust, and collage elements to your pieces. We’ll explores the creative process and ways to get your creativity flowing.

If you are an experienced painter, you’ll love delving into painting with oil and cold wax. I’ll help you achieve a loose, expressive attitude and style. If you are new to painting, working with oil and cold wax is a great way to begin. I love this medium, as there are no mistakes! You can change the look of your piece at any time by layering, scraping back, and using solvents.

The watchword for this workshop is, “Experiment!” You’ll build up many layers, incise, scribble, scrape back, and texture your work, allowing each piece to tell its own story.

Description of workshop: Explore the exciting mixture of oil paint and cold wax medium to create vibrant and bold abstract work! Cold wax medium is a paste of beeswax, odorless mineral spirits and resin. No heat required! We’ll be using oil and cold wax on Arches Oil Paper and Multimedia Art Board, ideal surfaces for really letting loose with wild marks and bold gestures, and the texture of the paper makes your piece look great from the first layer!

You’ll learn how to layer, texture, incise, excavate, use oil bars for added interest, and add dramatic touches. We’ll cover composition, color mixing, contrast, and creating with abandon. We will explore adding collage elements to your paintings in the form of tissue paper, old book pages and more.

* You’ll learn how to use ordinary household tools to incise and make marks, how to scrape back for a dramatic look, and how to unify your compositions.

* You’ll learn how adding personal marks with pigment sticks and oil pastels enhances your pieces.

* You’ll learn how to use solvents to add unusual and unexpected effects.

* We’ll explore the creative process and ways to get your creativity flowing.

* We’ll also cover adding collage, pigment, and using solvents on your pieces.

Supplies Provided by Teacher: Additional oil paper and Art Board, extra cold wax medium, many additional oil paints to share, mark-making pencils and graphite crayons, ink, stencils, oil pastels, collage papers, ink and brushes, a variety of texturing tools, brayers, brushes, tissue paper, oil bars, graphite powder iridescent leaf, solvents, and more.

Supply List:

* One tin or jar of Cold Wax Medium

* One or two Messermeister Bowl Scrapers

* One Catalyst Wedge Tool #6

* Two rolls of blue tape or similar product, one wide and one thin

* Two painting knives, medium size

* Your favorite oil paints or a set—Best student grade set is Gamblin 1980



We invite you to imagine standing on the panoramic hillside of our studio, taking in the spectacular views of Clew bay and Croagh Patrick (Ireland’s holy mountain).

Open your heart to the profoundly moving drama of constantly shifting Atlantic skies, reflecting a ever changing light show on the bay. The wildness and drama of this spectacular area belie the peace and connection you will feel to Ireland and to this very special place.

Lay on a blanket in the heather and watch the stars emerge on a clear night or walk along the rocky shores, to gather shells, driftwood and memories. Find yourself letting go of the stress of everyday life, feel the mystery and beauty of this land, awakening your senses.

This unspoiled place provide a safe place of inspiration and experimentation to stretch your skills in whatever medium you are working on.

You are warmly invited to stay awhile.

Mulranny – in Irish ‘Maoil Raithne’ or ‘Malla Raithne’ (Hill of the Ferns) – is situated on the isthmus between Clew Bay and Blacksod Bay in County Mayo, Ireland, and is only 25 mins drive from Westport and within 15 mins drive of Achill Sound and Ballycroy National Park.

Mulranny has always been a popular tourist destination and this was further enhanced in May 2011 when the Great Western Greenway from Newport to Mulranny was crowned the Irish winner of the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN)

This is our fabulous purpose built Art studio , designed for safely working with Glass  , Encaustic , Oil painting  Textiles and every medium you can think of ..It is bright , spacious , superbly well equipped ..It even has a cosy sitting room ,kitchen and a great  music system ..and even space to Dance !!!..Everything you could possibly want in a dream art studio 

I may be an archeologist at heart. I love layers and strata that evoke history and transition. If I create these layers myself and then get to excavate them, my joy is unbounded.

I’m interested in what’s underneath the surface of things. I think of ruins of ancient cities buried under new ones, the remains of Shakespeare’s  Theatre unearthed, even a King of England found buried under a parking lot.

Creating intuitive abstracts with oil and cold wax also uncovers my emotions and preoccupations. Working this way is like taking a journey into a new place without a map. Whatever is going on inside me is sure to make itself visible on the support. The layers, colors, and textures of a piece contain my history and my dreams. My wish is to connect with the viewer of my work, sharing what is unsayable.

I build up many layers, incise, scribble, scrape back, and texture my work, allowing each piece to tell its own story…….  Serena Barton 

This workshop includes

  • 4 days instruction with Serena
  • Most art supplies
  • Pre-trip notes and guidelines
  • Seven nights SINGLE  or Twin occupancy lodging –
  • Six  full breakfasts with lots of options
  • Six delicious dinners with wine
  • All lunches expect one when we are touring
  • Visit to the local Pub !
  • Day trip  to Achill Island and visits to Grainne OMalleys castle ( The Pirate Queen )
  • Visit to the Deserted Village in Achill
  • Glorious Keem bay , swimming is optional .

Provided by Instructor:

  • Detailed handouts
  • Additional oil paints and cold wax to share
  • Many sheets of Arches oil paper and Terra Skin stone paper for each student
  • Texturing tools to share
  • Lightweight collage paper
  • Graphite crayons
  • Oil pastels
  • Oil bars
  • Painter’s tape
  • Stabilo pencils
  • Citra-solv
  • Extra palette knives
  • Incising and scraping tools to share

15 + 4 =

DATES:  March 9th –  March 16th , 2019




{ Essence of Mulranny Studios will handle all payments securely and assist with all booking details. We are also available for advice on travel arrangements }


The balance is due in 2 equal payments on December 1st 2018 and February 1st 2019   Methods of payment accepted are email transfer, Paypal  .

A $500 USD deposit payable by PAYPAL to    secures your spot today!  You will be contacted by EOM Studios  to arrange additional payment.

Travel costs are not included.