Journey to the land of mystery , Egypt 2018

          Join the Art Spirit grand journey to Egypt , 1st to the 13th of  March 2018 

If you have always been drawn to visit Egypt then this is your chance ..and how wonderful will it be to paint with Encaustic in the land where it all began  ?

Ber O Mahoney of Guidinghand Tours and Lora Murphy , a well known Painter and teacher , working in Encaustic and Cold wax  are  organizing a trip to Egypt with a difference! It is a Healing Art and Spiritual Journey combined with 5 full days of painting workshops , as well as the materials , instruction and opportunity to make an Art journal along the way . The trip is designed to allow you to see and experience as much as you can while you are in Egypt. Ber really knows Egypt and has been running fabulous , meaningful ,successful and extra special spiritual tours of Egypt for the last number of years and Lora is joining her this year to add the  Art workshops . Lora teaches Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic , throughout the world and there will be a 3 day Encaustic workshop in Luxor . There will be a 2 day Oil and Cold wax workshop on board on boat .

Right now with all the upheaval in the world we are being prompted to think and do things differently. Ber is certainly one lady that does things differently  and as a result this journey  she is leading will allow you to experience the energy first hand and meditate in the Sacred Sites and Temples allowing you to access deeper aspects of your own Spiritual Self, relax and have lots of fun. Your art practice will grow and develop and there is so much inspiration all around .

You will spend 2 weeks with like-minded artists  …open, spiritual people, as you journey through Egypt like never before. Here’s a little insight on the journey we has planned for you.

• You will visit The Egyptian Museum in Cairo , a marvellously higgildy piggildy museum with treasure after treasure stacked everywhere . This may be the last opportunity to visit this wonderful place as there is a new , bright , shiny museum planned at Giza , due to open next year . That will , no doubt , be spectacular , but there is something very special about the old museum .. You will feel like you have stepped into the pages of a history book.. Here we will have the opportunity to draw the Fayum Portraits and you will see first hand , what the incredible Encaustic painters did , thousands of years ago ..
• A visit to Khan el Khalili (the world’s largest market and also Egypt’s oldest Tea House). A treasure chest for shoppers like you’ve never seen before, including clothes, spices, jewelry, souvenirs, and with time permitting we’ll visit the Crystal quarter for those interested in gemstones, healing crystals etc. A trip to Egypt wouldn’t be the same without experiencing a Whirling Dervish Show (a whirling dervish is someone who can attain trance levels through the practice of dance) in El Ghuri for an amazing evening of Sufi entertainment.

• A private visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza in the early morning. This is one of the main highlights of the tour. It is an amazing experience to spend private time in the Great Pyramid and meditate in the chamber far beneath the Kings chamber .. You will be among the privileged few in the world who have ever had this experience! You will arrive at the Great Pyramid at dawn , and get to spend 2 private hours in the Kings chamber , The Queens Chamber and the lesser known , rock hewn chamber deep below the ground .
• We will fly from Cairo to Aswan to visit the great rock temples of Abu Simbel built by the enigmatic Pharaoh Rameses II in Aswan .This is one of the most beautiful temple complexes in Egypt and you will see the exquisite Temple of Hathor , dedicated to Nefertari ..
• Travel by boat to visit Philae a truly feminine energy temple situated in the middle of a lake.

We will also visit Elephantine Island where the Ark of the Covenant had its resting place before being moved to Ethiopia where it is said to rest to this day.
• Sail on  the Nile in a 5 Star Cruise Boat for 3 nights. While on the Cruise we visit the Temple of Komombo which is associated with the Sacral Chakra and the Temple of Edfu which is dedicated to the Egyptian Falcon Headed God Horus. We travel by horse drawn carriage from the boat to the Temple of Edfu. There is usually a good buzz around this temple with vendors and shops but we will find a quite space to integrate our experience as well in the temple. While on the Cruise we will have nightly entertainment, amazing food, and experience travelling down the famous Nile river under a starlit sky. 

The boat  will be the location of the Oil and Cold wax workshop ..Imagine making art as you sail down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor .. we will have a studio space on the top deck of the boat , shaded from the sun but open to the gentle breezes and the fabulous scents of Egypt

• We sail to Luxor and disembark there. We will experience the temple of Luxor (the temple of dreams) by night and Karnak Temple at sunrise which includes a very special visit to the little Chapel of Sekhmet where people from previous groups have received profound healing. This is Loras favourite place in Egypt …
• While in Luxor we will stay in a gorgeous little boutique Hotel on  the west bank of the Nile . This will be where the Encaustic painting workshop will be held . The studio will be cool and colourful with lots of space ..You will have the opportunity to spend as much time in the studio as you wish and there will be abundant materials to use and experiment with . The 3 day workshop will run from 10 to 4 , with a break for the amazing food provided by the Hotel and after that you will be free to shop , explore , continue painting , swim in the pool , sunbathe ….

From Luxor we will travel to the Valley of the Kings , another  fascinating and enigmatic place . We will get the explore several of the tombs and Ber will show you her favourites ..

Another highlight of the trip will be a visit to Deir el Medina and the temple of Hatshepsut one of Egypt’s most famous and powerful female Pharaoh’s.
• From our hotel in Luxor we will take a fullday of exploring to travel to Abydos and Dendara Temples. These two temples are full of amazing art and lots of really interesting things to see from Zodiac calendar’s to the earliest depiction of The Flower of Life. People including Ber have had profound experiences in both these Temples.

Artists will be able to make an Art journal of the trip and all there will be lots of materials to play with

All for just €2,690
Included :
– All accommodation, breakfast and evening meals
– All visits as mentioned including guide, entrance fees and transportation.
– Five stars cruise for 3 nights with Full Board
– All transportation.
– Private visit to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx
– All tips for the 2 weeks, because tipping is part of the Egyptian culture and can work out much more expensive and annoying for you paying individually, so Ber has included all the tips in the price so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday without the hassle of tipping.

Not included:
International return flights from  your departing country to Cairo.
Lunches are not included except on the Cruise days. Lunch is very reasonable in Egypt.
Drinks including bottled water.
Travel Insurance
Personal spending